Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dr. Personality

I suppose I should say a few words about Dr. Personality.

She actually talked to me last week during my visit. Cycle #10, and she was actually friendly, interested even, in how I was doing and was there anything new. Very different from October's visit, when she told me that the magic cure for gaining weight was to "eat less and exercise more."

Gee, Doc, thanks for clearing that up; I'd have never gotten to that wisdom on my own two feet. I suppose I should be grateful that she's the only doctor for the last year who's thought a five-foot-tall woman shouldn't be gaining weight, shouldn't weigh 200 lbs. She has absolutely no idea what I know about nutrition, or that I've been moderating a weight-loss BBS since 2002. But why take time to understand your patient? Maybe that's a coping mechanism.

But anyhow, last week she was in a human place. She was happy that my bloodwork was good, my BP was normal, and my side effects are comparatively non-existent. I wonder if that will mean that she sends three pages of comments to Kirshner in her report. I still can't figure out how she could write him two pages, single spaced. She hasn't said that many words to me in our entire history.

Or maybe she's just more human for the early morning appointments.

Or maybe I am just getting better at remembering that "It's not about's all about her."

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