Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Sunline Sun Spot

Well, I never went to OH to pick up a Yoder Toter--because a local RV shop had a 1980 Sunline Sun Spot available that is turning into a LOT of fun.
Here are some pictures of the trailer on the first weekend when I picked it up. It's 4 1/2 feet wide x 10 feet long, and about 54 inches tall inside...a little bigger than a teardrop, but still only weighs 600 lbs. Mine probably weighs less because most of the galley cabinetry and the two inner seats that folded out to become a bed are gone.

On top are some pictures of the 'cleaned up' Sunspot, with new curtains, a cot/bed experiment, and a couple of galley accessories. Slowly but surely, it's getting there--and the late 80s red paisley tapestry curtains are gone gone gone!

cast iron find at The Christmas Tree Shop

Last weekend, while looking for 'stuff' for the Sunspot, I found this folding 24cm cast iron grill pan at The Christmas Tree Shop for $4. It's got a removeable bamboo and steel handle, and a low rim--perfect for a small serving of bacon or a quick quesadilla or burger. I seasoned it this weekend and made its first 'meal' -- splurged on some of the good organic pepper bacon from the farmer's market. This morning, I made a pork steak and grilled fennel. It's a very cool little grill pan, perfect for camping!