Monday, October 08, 2007

as if it was yesterday...

Tonight, I watched Kris Carr's self-portrait movie "Crazy Sexy Cancer."
I've seen it before, but only part. Tonight I caught the whole thing.

She was diagnosed on Valentine's Day, 2004, and she was chasing normal at the same time I was in MSKCC for the first operation. I watched the part where she's walking through Central Park with her new boyfriend, looking at Christo's orange flag installation and marveling. I got to drive home during that exhibit, but I was too weak to see it
any closer than the windows of the town car as it drove through the park. Watching Kris walk through the flags, watching her rediscover that life could be beautiful again...

It's like it just happened yesterday, like the first surgery was just yesterday.

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  1. Gaelen, this is AliB, from years past at the PP board. I have long considered you to be an amazing lady, and your entries in this blog only reinforce that impression. I admire you immensely. I hope and pray that your health continues to improve and you can live your life as you wish. Please continue taking good care of yourself. Hugs, Alice


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