Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Orlando, Florida

I just got back from NYC--scans are good, I'm in remission.
None of the people at the DWAA meeting managed to do bodily harm to anyone (in my presence, at least...)
The Pet Writer's Conference was great, and I made some contacts for a couple of articles.

And then, I took a vacation. I went to Orlando, my first time ever in Florida.
Here in CNY, it was around 25 degrees.
On the balcony of the condo my brother rented for our family vacation, it was 75 degrees, and I could feel the breezes all day long. I could watch great blue herons and runner ducks skate over the lagoon just past the sidewalk, and have a cup of coffee and answer email.

No doctors, no appointments, no scans. No dogs to exercise or train (or cuddle, and I did miss that.) But lots of time with my brother Jeff, sister-in-law Ann, niece Ashlyn and nephew Connor, and my sister Lin and brother-in-law Dan. Easy time. No-commitments time.

I think I could have spent another month having morning coffee on that balcony.
I am definitely going back to Florida, and sunshine, and no-commitments vacations, as soon as possible.

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