Sunday, July 05, 2009

Moving day

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I'm experimenting with Wordpress as a blogging platform, and have exported 'Life Out Loud' to its new WordPress location.

While I'm experimenting with WP, I won't be accepting comments here. Come visit!

--- UPDATE ---
I've officially settled all three of my blogs - Life Out Loud, my canning and preserving blog Kitchen Jam, and my dog training blog Dog Trainer's Log - in their new domains, completing my move to Wordpress.

Other posts here will eventually be taken off line. Meanwhile, please come visit each of the new sites - I'm having a lot of fun living life out loud at each of them!

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Thanks for reading. These posts have all been moved to my new site at and no further comments are being accepted here. Please feel free to come on over to the new site and stay on top of my Life Out Loud.

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