Sunday, December 23, 2007

This version of normal.

Tomorrow, I start 28 radiation and Xeloda treatments.
Today is my last 'normal' day for awhile. Or maybe not...maybe the effects of radiation and Xeloda will be minimal. No way of knowing until I just do it.

This is so different from the last time, when I went from diagnosis to port placement to chemo in a week, and barely had a minute to catch my breath in between. This feels measured, and finite...and hopefully it won't have drastic effects on my sctivities of daily life.

We shall see.

But for know, I know this as 'normal,' and I'm reluctant to fill up today with stuff, even though I've got a full to-do list. There are presents to wrap, gift cards to buy, laundry to do, trash to move outside, dogs I should probably groom rather than wait until next weekend. I don't want to do any of it. I want to just relax awhile, and enjoy the last few hours of this version of normal.

And let tomorrow's version of normal take over, tomorrow. ;)

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