Saturday, January 12, 2008

almost halfway there...

12 days of radiation and Xeloda down.
15 days left to go...but since I've got weekends off, on the calendar I'm halfway home.

Xeloda, on the surface, should make chemo easier. It's pills, not an infusion, so it's quick and easy like that. But the side effects (for me: tight abdomen, dry stools, heaviness in my chest when I do any kind of moving around, nausea, and then, today, diarrhea) never let you forget that you're still on chemo.

Compared to infusion chemo, radiation is a cakewalk (so far.) But I wonder what the next 15 treatments will bring, and I'm too superstitious to say out loud that dosing is going well.

Meanwhile, in Leroy Sievers' blog, he writes that his journey is getting tougher by the minutes. I wish him strength, and wellness, and pain-free time...and I am scared that eventually, that will be my road, too.

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