Sunday, January 27, 2008

I thought I'd try to get a picture of Madison and Casey into the blog. Casey is the red English Cocker, 13 years old Thanksgiving 2007, and Madison is the blue roan, 5 years old on Labor Day 2007.

I am the one in the glasses. :)


  1. They're beautiful. In E.C. they call that a "roan"? Is it different then than the merle that we see in Aussies? Is there an inheritance factor as with merle?
    (just curious as I call my female aussie-lab "merle-y girl" because her ruff expresses blue merle.

    Lisa (LisaS)

  2. Yes, Lisa...a blue roan is one variation of what ECS call 'parti-colored.' We have partis and solids, and of the partis, blue roan is probably the most commonly seen. Roaning is a different gene from merle-ing, inherited differently, although it can be hard to tell the difference between a roaned coat vs. a merle. Horses are roan...they don't carry the merle gene. Aussies definitely are merled, rather than roaned. You can spend hours doing the gene expressions of color factors in dogs...Madi also carries tan factors, although she only barely expresses them if she's really tightly groomed.

  3. I probably could - genetics was a favorite subject of mine.
    All the best ...

  4. Anonymous6:03 PM

    So glad I found your blog (from DWAA). I have two blogs (Alberta Postcards and Dogs Naturally). Unfortunately, because I write about dogs the 'dog blog' gets infrequent updates. Great to see a photo of your canine family. I see someone commented about her Aussie ... I too call my female "merly girly". Speaking of roans, I've always adored blue roan and red roan horses too!



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